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Fort Jones, California

Marble Mountain Town

The Town of Fort Jones is located within the northern part of Scott Valley surrounded by the Klamath Mountains to the west and the Cascade Mountain range to the east.

Fort Jones was established in October 1852, when Captain Edward H. Fitzgerald and the 1st Dragoons began construction of a fort located near the current community of Fort Jones. The fort was established to protect settlers in far-northern California and southern Oregon from Rogue River Indian raids. The fort was operational until June 1858 when it was evacuated. By 1900 the fort was thoroughly dilapidated. Today only a historical marker is evidence that the fort ever existed. Initially mining and trapping were the major activities in the area. Agriculture and timber production followed, as the area became more accessible and mining activity declined. Today, the area has become an attractive place to reside, especially for retired families due to the small community environment and scenic views.

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The Resource Management team has the expertise to develop and support economic development, and assist landowners with the ever challenging processes of restoration, refurbishment, permitting and maintenance of their valued lands. Serving northern California since 1990.

NCRC’s mission is to help people. By embracing and maximizing the collaborative process, NCRC helps people by educating, training, assisting and employing them in the field of natural resources, consequently empowering them to make a difference in watershed health and restoration.

Mountain vistas in all directions, quaint towns, working ranches and historical buildings make Siskiyou County a unique environment to create magic for any visual artist. The Siskiyou County Film Commission is dedicated to assisting any production aspiring to work in northern California.

The most eclectic antique and collectible store in Siskiyou County the Relics at the REC is gaining a reputation as a place for any and all things unique and Siskiyou county.. Curated and managed by Peggi and Larry Alexander Relics at the REC is never the same store two days in a row. A must visit for anyone visiting Scott Valley.

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The Resource & Event Center is a community asset designed to be flexible and responsive to the needs of clients, citizens and partners. The facility hosts organizations, events and an eclectic antique & collectibles store. In addition to community events, the REC is home to the Jefferson State FLIXX FEST, the premier film festival in Siskiyou County. 

“We enjoy meeting new people and discussing the stories behind each and every item”

Peggi & Larry Alexander, Founders, Relics at the REC

11236 CA-3, Fort Jones, CA 96032